Effortless Simultaneous Plant Function Measurements

Technology has brought many positive changes to our lives and made what used to be long, technical, and complex processes much simpler and more accurate. Such a process is measuring and analyzing all aspects of plant functional phenotypes for agriculture Research and Development processes.

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In the past decades, breeders and scientists have primarily used manual means to measure and analyze specific plant growth and productivity factors, such as plants' responses to water-stress, temperature, CO2 levels, etc. These measurements were conducted manually or by low-throughput systems such as porometers, LI-COR, etc., and still are widely used by researchers in greenhouses and field examinations worldwide. They produce decent results for a single measurement on a specific leaf at a time, disregarding the dynamic environmental conditions that might affect the process or the whole plant. However, these processes were (and still are) very long, measuring plant-by-plant, and involve many working hands and resources. More importantly, they don't deliver a comparative analysis of plants' responses to the same real-life environment. Other than that, they eventually provide only partial understanding and produce very narrow outcomes that are certainly not good enough to draw practical conclusions from, if any, at an extremely high cost. 

In efforts to create a better, much more accurate solution that will contribute immensely to understanding plants' dynamic behavior in examinations and advanced research, PlantDiTech developed the PlantArray platform, a unique, fully automated, innovative technology system that allows conducting research, continuous and simultaneous trials on every aspect of the whole-plant performance in real-time. 

Contrary to previous low- throughput systems, PlantArray exclusively measures absolute transpiration, biomass, water-use-efficiency, and stomatal conductance measurements and accurately assesses the plants' productivity and growth rate automatically in very high spatial and temporal resolution (about 500 simultaneous readings a day), together with VPD and environmental sensing, beyond any human measurement possibility and with zero damage or influence on the plants measured. Moreover, the PlantArray system also creates personalized soil-water conditions for each plant. Combined with the cloud-based software SPAC (Soil-Plant-Atmosphere-Continuum) Analytics (also developed by PlantDiTech), these perform real-time analysis and statistics to provide the fastest, most accurate data regarding plants' productivity and, consequently, accelerate research and administer endless possibilities to explore plants' growth predictions. 


 In other words, Plantarray takes phenotyping to a whole new level and guarantees a holistic, functional process characterized by sophisticated measurement techniques, absolute and highly reliable results, backed by more than 40 scientific papers, and a User-friendly interface. As a result, it truly revolutionizes the way to research plants and does so with far less time - seasons are down to days only, less money, and significantly less effort.



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