What is SPAC-Analytics?

PlantDiTech’s SPAC (Soil-Plant-Atmosphere-Continuum) Analytics is cloud-based software that performs real-time statistics, analysis and productivity prediction
SPAC-Analytics enables agro-researchers to process input from multiple sensors and sources, and provide a statistical and graphic representation of any correlations from various growth and productivity traits, together with environmental parameters (stress included). The output is a detailed performance analysis based on advanced statistical tools of the plant population and the treatment responses. The data is retrieved automatically and continuously from large arrays of plant samples over any period of a growth cycle.

The software allows you to run real-time multiple analysis during and following the experiment, using huge amounts of real-time data that are impossible to process manually.

The SPAC-Analytics software is a complementary product to the high throughput plant phenotyping equipment

SPAC-analytics key benefits

  • Real-time statistical analysis - multi-factorial ANOVA or paired T-test, for reliable and fast results
  • Reach your goal - optimize experimental parameters during the experiment to make sure of the effectiveness of the treatment when it matters
  • Fast quantitative selection - produces a performance-based profile for rating and scoring plant physiological response to different environmental needs
  • Simple graphical presentation of complex experiments - spatial and temporal relationships between measured physiological variables and ambient conditions, showing tendencies, anomalies and ratios

How SPAC-analytics Works

The system processes and presents correlations, both numerically and graphically, between values, tendencies, anomalies and ratios in the relationship between the following measures and imposed conditions:

  1. Smoothed time series of the measured parameters (weight, soil water content, atmospheric water demand, etc.).
  2. The rate of change of the above-mentioned parameters over time.
  3. Plants biomass gain along different time intervals (days, weeks, and season).
  4. The pattern of daily transpiration.
  5. The water use efficiency (WUE) along different time intervals (days, weeks, and season).
  6. Soil water content (either by mass balance calculation or direct measurement by a specific sensor).
  7. Stomatal conduction variation along the hours of the day.
  8. Influx from the soil to the roots (when soil sensors are installed).
  9. The variation of the plant's relative water content during the day hours.

Enhancing Plant Analysis with SPAC-Analytics APIs

Whether you are a breeder, plant physiologist, or environmental researcher, SPAC-Analytics APIs can help you harness the power of plant-related data for various applications, including the integration of external plant data into SPAC-Analytics

How SPAC-Analytics APIs will help your research?

Access to Rich Plant Data: PlantArray's extensive database offers a wealth of plant-related information,including plant performance, growth patterns, and environmental data. By using our APIs, you can tap into this valuable resource and supplement the data available in SPAC-Analytics.

Automated Data Retrieval: Instead of manually downloading and combining data, APIs allow you to automate the process, making it easy to update and expand the data in SPAC-Analytics with the latest plant information.

Integration with SPAC-Analytics: Integrating PlantArray's data into SPAC-Analytics enriches your analytics platform with real-time, accurate plant data. This integration can help you make even more informed decisions, generate insights, and gain a competitive edge.

Customization: SPAC-Analytics APIs offer various endpoints and parameters, allowing you to customize your data requests to align with your specific needs and requirements.

About Plant Ditech

Plant-DiTech enhances the ability of scientists, breeders, and agro-researchers to ensure agricultural growth by providing plant phenotyping system and plant phenotyping software. This enables the quick and automatic processing and analysis of vast amounts of phenotypic data, providing deep insights into plant-environment interactions while shortening research & development time and time to market.

Plant-DiTech sets new standards in plant research. We invite you to join our community and discover a world of knowledge, technology, and inspiration.

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