What is Plantarray

Plantarray is a high-throughput, multi-sensor physiological phenotyping gravimetric platform. This plant phenotyping system performs quick plant screening based on precise physiology traits measurements that are great indicators for yield potential with proven high correlation to field yield results.

Key Benefits

  • Fully automated phenotyping system -
    Control | Measure | Analyze
  • Quick test cycles: few days/ weeks instead of seasons
  • Accelerates agriculture research, shortens new products time to market
  • Quantitative, consistent results , scientifically proven
  • Whole plant, root, shoot, environment measurements
  • Precise personalized control of soil and water conditions 
  • Multi- treatments control
  • More product varieties and environments testing
  • Enhance research
  • Focused field trials
  • Continuous, simultaneous bio-feedback
  • Detects immediate plants responses, much earlier than the eye/ image
  • Modular in size and budget
  • No need for infrastructure investments

The phenotyping method is to continuously and simultaneously measure the momentary-varying water flux in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere (SPAC) for each plant in the array under varying ambient conditions.

The direct measurement of plant water balance and biomass gain that is determined for the root and shoot enables the rapid evaluation (within days) of the plant yield potentioal in a dynamic environment

This phenotyping system provides a quantitative comparison of the plant response to different treatments and the precise prediction of plant growth and productivity in an efficient, easy-to-use, non-invasive manner.

Plantarray measures, at high frequency, the plant response to the dynamic environmental conditions

Key Traits

Traits precisionPlantarrayOther GravimetricImaging
Plant Biomass Gain High, Direct None Low, Indirect
Transpiration High, Direct Direct, Limited Low, Indirect
Water Use Efficiency High, Direct None Low, Indirect
Nutrients Use Efficiency High, Direct None Low, Indirect
Root Activity High, Direct None None
Stomatal Canopy Conductance High, Direct None None
Soil Water Content, Temperature, EC High, Direct Low, Indirect None
Salinity Level (EC) High, Direct None None
Drought Resistance & Recovery Index High, Direct None None
Identify the Drought Stress Point High, Direct None None
Atmospheric Parameters, VPD High, Direct Partial Partial
Environmental Sensing (PAR, PH, Wind & more) High, Direct None None

Key Diagnostic Abilities

Diagnostic-AbilitiesPlantarrayOther GravimetricImaging
Quantitative Measurements High High Low
High Resolution Sampling High High Low
Simultaneous Measurements (Same Conditions) High High Low
Multiple Personalized Treatments High Low Low
Randomized Structure High Low Low
Real-Time Analysis High Mid Low

Application fit

Application FitPlantarrayOther GravimetricImaging
Drought Stress High Mid Low
Salinity & Heavy Metals Stress High Mid Low
Fertigation / Nutrients High Mid Low
CO2 Indication High Mid Low
Heat & Cold Stresses High Mid Low
Light High Mid Low
Plant Health Early Detection Low Late Detection

Key Features

  • Precise direct measurements of key physiological yield-related traits
  • Control irrigation via various modes - time, weight, soil moisture, daily transpiration and more
  • Automated and simultaneous measurement of individual plants in the array
  • High spatial and temporal resolutions
  • 24/7 continuous measurement of the shoot, root and environment
  • Unique feedback-based irrigation control
  • Cloud-based real-time statistical analytics
  • Whole plant, non-invasive measurements
  • Suitable to most plants, soil types and growth stages

Over a Decade in The Making

The reliable and robust Plantarray plant phenotyping equipment is the outcome of over 10 years’ research using weighing lysimeters (gravimetric system) to monitor different plant responses under varying environmental conditions.

Our long-term experience with gravimetric systems is implemented in every part of the system, each pot is placed on a highly accurate gravimetric load cell. The gravimetric load cell is connected to a control unit that continuously measures the pot weight 24/7, and enables further calculation of its physiological traits.

Custom made control unit

  • Contains two self-controlled valves for maximum irrigation and fertigation flexibility
  • Enables automated, personalized, plant-specific feedback irrigation
  • Each control unit is built to hold up to four additional sensors
  • Although all interconnected, failure in one unit does not affect the others
  • Reduces noise and the requirement for lengthy cables

Specially designed drainage container

  • Highly robust – No moving parts
  • Wide pot volume range (2 - 60L)
  • Four drainage positions
  • Prevents leakage of water on the lysimeter surface
  • Enables water and root measurements without affecting the plant and the experiment.

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Plant-DiTech enhances the ability of scientists, breeders, and agro-researchers to ensure agricultural growth by providing plant phenotyping system and plant phenotyping software. This enables the quick and automatic processing and analysis of vast amounts of phenotypic data, providing deep insights into plant-environment interactions while shortening research & development time and time to market.

Plant-DiTech sets new standards in plant research. We invite you to join our community and discover a world of knowledge, technology, and inspiration.

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