MultiFerti add-on

Welcome to MultiFerti, the complementary fertigation system designed exclusively for PlantArray. This innovative and exclusive solution simplifies your plant research process, delivering different irrigation solutions to designated plants within an array. Now conducting multiple fertigation treatments and creating complex experiments will become easy and efficient.

With MultiFerti, you can easily explore multiple fertigation treatments within a single setup. This capability enables you to conduct comprehensive nutrient experiments, ranging from controlled nutrient studies to detailed chemical investigations. The potential for groundbreaking discoveries is boundless.

A system with 6 different fertilizing containers. Each circle simulates a plant in the array and its color depends on the specific fertilizer it receives, according to the researcher's instructions

MultiFerti - Key Benefits

  • Precision Fertigation: MultiFerti provides precise control over the delivery of different irrigation solutions to designated plants, ensuring that each plant receives the exact treatment required for the experiment.
  • Efficiency: The system streamlines the transition between irrigation solutions, saving researchers time and effort. This efficiency is particularly valuable when conducting multiple complex experiments or iterative studies.
  • Reduced Contamination: The flushing process of MultiFerti minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between treatments, ensuring the purity and accuracy of your experiments.
  • Consistency: The automated process ensures consistency in the application of treatments, reducing the risk of human error and promoting reliable results.

This MultiFerti system consists of eight controllers that monitor and control eight different treatments (the blue tanks). It is aided by a self-priming pump and delivers these solutions to the designated group of plants according to the researcher's experiment-defined needs.


The graph displays the results of an experiment utilizing a multipartite system for eight different treatments. The experiment examined the impact of varying fertilizer concentrations on the daily transpiration of the tested plants.

Easy Transitioning Between Irrigation Solutions with MultiFerti add-on:

  • Current Treatment Completion: After delivering the initial irrigation solution to the designated plants, MultiFerti seamlessly shifts to the next solution following your preset commands.
  • Thorough Cleaning: MultiFerti ensures no mixing of different treatments by thoroughly flushing out remnants from the previous solution. This step prevents any residue from affecting the next treatment.
  • Starting the Next Treatment: Once the flushing process is complete, MultiFerti promptly initiates the delivery of the next set of irrigation commands to the next group of plants.
  • Iterative Experiments: This transition process can be repeated as many times as needed for a series of treatments. It simplifies complex experiments, and the capability of MultiFerti to switch between different solutions ensures your research proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

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