Flood Control Kit

Do you wish to efficiently study plants under extreme weather events, such as floods? Do you wish to learn how plants respond to a shortage of oxygen in the soil? Now you can test yourself with our new Flood Control Kit, recently introduced to the PlantArray capabilities, designed to enhance your plant research.

As global warming becomes more associated with extreme weather events, including heat waves, water shortages and flood events, the need for a system that monitors plant activity continues to rise. That is why we created Flood Control Kit.


Key benefits:

  1.  Flood control is applied automatically while data is continuously processed and analyzed.

  2. Conduct complex controlled-flood experiments, in combination with additional stressors (e.g. salinity, nutrients).

  3. Simple transition between various irrigation control events (e.g. drought, flood)

The Flood Control Kit is an add-on to the PlantArray system. It simulates flood events that effectively reduce oxygen levels in the soil. During these controlled intervals of oxygen scarcity, plants undergo critical metabolic changes, optimizing their resource allocation for survival. This new addition will help researchers unlock new discoveries.

How to conduct flood experiment:

  1. PlantArray’s solenoid valves water the plants until the water level reaches a designated volume above the soil surface according to your experimental design.

  2. Establish a well-drained pot group by configuring the Plantarray's outlet solenoid valve for gravitational drainage, specifically designated for the control treatment.

  3. In combination with various sensors, the PlantArray measures the dynamic physiological activities of all the plants (such as transpiration, stomatal conductance, biomass, etc.).

  4. All captured data are being analyzed in real-time by the SPAC-Analytics software.

Flood Experiment Use-Case:

The figure above shows the growth stages of six groups of tomato plants, comprising three genotypes and two treatments (controlled and flood). The flood treatment began on September 22nd. It's evident that two genotypes demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment, while one genotype (the brown line - group 6) shows less sensitivity to it.


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