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Studying and examining whole-plant properties today is still as challenging as ever, through all the technological advancement. It is harder to learn the plant status in real-time, and even harder to do so in many plants simultaneously. Understanding the plant functional performance in high throughput to overcome long testing periods during research and development cycles, is one of the main bottlenecks today in Agriculture R&D.

In efforts to provide a solution to these challenges, Plant DiTech developed the PlantArray phenotyping and diagnostic system, a platform for measurement and analysis of whole-plants characteristics and performance -in real-time, simultaneously, and continuously to all the plants in the array. This enables Agro-Companies to release products to market much earlier, and with high confidence of reaching their targets.

The PlantArray system is a fully automated and sensor-based system which is used to conduct research and simultaneous trials on water-use, productivity, and growth aspects of the whole-plant. In addition, it can measure and analyze phenotyping and environmental effects to predict yield performance under various environmental stresses. Some of the plant traits being measured are precise plant water-loss (transpiration), plant biomass gain, water-use-efficiency, nutrients effect, root water-uptake, stomatal conductance and more.

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Who runs the world? DATA

The Digital Age had brought along many innovative systems, but more importantly, it masters data collection. In efforts to accelerate AG-research with fast and precise physiology phenotyping tools, Plant-DiTech developed the cloud-based software SPAC (Soil-Plant-Atmosphere-Continuum) Analytics. SPAC Analytics performs real-time statistics, analysis based on plants productivity and growth predictions. 



The process of data analyzing begins with an input from a given experiment (either during or following it). The input is derived from various sources and sensors and is basically a graphical and statistical representation of correlations from different growth and yield attributes, and other environmental parameters. The software enables to conduct real-time flexible detailed analysis based on various statistical tools, such as ANOVA and T-Test. Further, SPAC Analytics provides real-time database to make crucial changes in your experiments WHILE they are conducted. As a result, much time, money, and efforts are being saved.

Introducing the new and improved version of SPAC Analytics:

Now it is possible not only to export data easily from the software, but also to import additional manual and/or digital measurements to be simultaneously analyzed along with the many plant traits and environmental sensing information.

In addition, new traits were added such as plants resilience, and water re-absorption, or in other words, the daily rate at which the plant returns to prestress activity after it has been damaged. The plants' ability to recover from such stress contributes immensely to the understanding of the plants' yield potential. 

Other than that, Plant-Ditech's unique software can calculate various growing conditions rates. One of them is the plant's water balance, which indicates the difference between the outflux, the water flow from the plant to the atmosphere, to the influx, the water flow from the soil to the plant, for the whole plant and thus prevents stress.




Moreover, adding new graphical features such as the new boxplot representation of data or the WUE/Resilience graph viewer, SPAC analytics deliver a much simpler and more visual way to process the immense amount of data the software produces, hence makes it much clearer and presentable. 

Through all these innovative changes, Plant- ditech had managed to produce a new and improved software, that contributes remarkably to agro-researchers experiments' success and therefore optimizes yields and enlarges profits, saving time, resources, and efforts.




About Plant Ditech

Plant-DiTech enhances the ability of scientists, breeders, and agro-researchers to ensure agricultural growth by providing plant phenotyping system and plant phenotyping software. This enables the quick and automatic processing and analysis of vast amounts of phenotypic data, providing deep insights into plant-environment interactions while shortening research & development time and time to market.

Plant-DiTech sets new standards in plant research. We invite you to join our community and discover a world of knowledge, technology, and inspiration.

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