Drought Stress Response Case StudyAbiotic stresses refer to environmental influences such as drought stress (water deficit), salinity, excessive watering (water-logging/flooding), extreme temperatures (cold, frost and heat), and toxic substances that negatively impact growth, development, yield and seed quality of crops and other plants.

Modern crops reach high yields, yet are susceptible to abiotic stress. Improving crop stress response is a great challenge due to the complexity of GxE interactions, in particular during climate change. To meet increased global food demand, researchers are working to develop crops optimized for the deteriorating conditions.

The PlantArray phenotyping system provides simple to use hardware and software tools that automatically control the irrigation treatment (quality and quantity) of each pot in the array throughout the experiment, analyzing each plant’s response to the controlled treatment. These features dramatically reduce the time and effort in studying plant response to water-limited environment by determining the particular stress threshold for the examined plants for the imposed ambient conditions, with a high correlation to field results.


Key benefits of using PlantDiTech's solution:

  • High-throughput functional performance analysis
  • Continuously measures multi-key functional (physiological) traits such as growth rates, transpiration rates, water-use-efficiency, stomatal conductance, root activity and more
  • Simultaneously control many different soil and water scenarios (e.g. drought, salinity and/or chemicals)
  • Instant feedback and real-time in-depth statistical analysis of plant performance with a clear graphical presentation
  • Quick results within four to six weeks

Real-time experimental control:

Continuous average (Growth rate) Drought Treatment vs Well Irrigated Control   Heat map and histogram (Growth rate)

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